Notice and Access

Toppan Vite helps clients comply with the SEC’s e-proxy rules commonly referred to as Notice and Access, which provide shareholders with the ability to choose the means by which they access proxy materials. Our digital printing and print on-demand capabilities are perfect for companies seeking to manage the timely and efficient distribution of materials to registered and beneficial shareholders.

Print On-Demand

Notice and Access has changed how companies around the globe think about financial communications. Toppan Vite provides an alternative to large-format printing of shareholder documents: we quickly produce high-quality color and black and white digital products the same day. Why have thousands of copies waiting for shareholder "hard-copy requests" when we can produce just one at a time, as needed?

Full Set Delivery

Our experienced team has coordinated the composition, EDGAR filing, printing, mailing and distribution for thousands of annual and special meetings. We guide you through every step of the financial printing process, including coordinating with your transfer agent, proxy solicitor, intermediary or advisory firm.

Internet Availability of Proxy Materials

Whether you choose the Notice Only option or Full Set Delivery, the SEC rule of "Internet Availability of Proxy Materials" must be adhered to; documents must reside on a cookie-free website and be searchable. Toppan Vite provides a range of web hosting options customized to meet your needs, from simple, customized SEC-compliant sites to fully stylized online hosting environments.